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Toning of windows during the re-equipment of minibuses and vehicles

Company GOLD-BUS is one of the few companies of minibuses and vehicle re-equipment in Berdichev and along with the basic service, to be exact the re-equipment of minibuses, provides many additional services.

Window toning during the re-equipment of minibuses - was and will be one of the most demanding services as it gives your vehicle a trendy, original and presentable look, emphasizes its aesthetic appeal, beauty and individuality. With all of this, toning is also very practical. You may ask "Why?", so let's examine ?", so let's examine it in a more detailed way:

1. The main advantage of toning is to protect the driver and all the people who are in the vehicle from the blinding sunlight.

Date of publication: 18.09.2014

VW Sharan seats - the basics, you need to know during re-equipment

Recently the re-equipment of vehicles has become one of the most popular services in Ukraine, and as for the most popular means of transport, they are minibuses. They are versatile, comfortable, spacious, relatively inexpensive and economic. If they are re-equipped, they can be used as family cars or taxis, or you can use them as a freight transport and cargo taxis. Because of it, they are driven from such countries as Germany and France in large quantities, as a rule in cargo versions, not to overpay for customs clearance as vehicles in the passenger ones have much more expensive customs clearance.

When such a vehicle gets into the country, the following question arises: where can it be converted into a passenger one, keeping the following key points in the ...

Date of publication: 13.08.2014


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Re-equipment of vehicles is quite a popular service now. And many sites of the companies, which provide re-equipment services, have appeared recently. You need to be careful, because half of these sites are just intermediaries. They have no real opportunity for full re-equipment of your vehicle.