Services of the vehicle air-conditioners installation, heaters

The cooling system has been designed to create a comfortable and conducive environment for the working capacity of the vehicle owners. Not all the vehicles are equipped with a factory automotive air-conditioner. But to trim the interior and not to install the air-conditioner is, so to say, not to bring the car to the perfection - it's just not fair. That's why our company deals with not only vehicle re-equipment, but also with the installation of vehicle air-conditioners and independent self-contained heaters.

Our company offers a wide range of services:

Flushing the air-conditioning system

Installation of high-quality tosol stoves

Computerized diagnostics of the climate system

Filling and maintenance of climate control systems

Installation of heaters "Webasto", "Eberspracher", "Planar"

Installation the original, universal vehicle air-conditioners

Installation of vehicle air-conditioners, autonomous heaters

Everyone knows that there are many vehicles not equipped with air-conditioners and heaters. Our company offers a solution of this problem – installation services of vehicle air-conditioners – high quality, original, universal, with the best price and with the best quality. Our experts will install and complete the inspection of the equipment with great care and maximum efficiency in the shortest possible time. It will allow you to eliminate a number of disadvantages connected with the temperature inside the vehicle. On average, the installation of the autonomous stove takes 5-8 hours. If you consider the original installation of the air-conditioner, it takes about 18 hours. And the installation of one additional air-conditioner is about 8-12 hours.

Filling of vehicle air-conditioners

Company GOLD-BUS performs the filling of vehicle air-conditioners with freon R22, R12, R134a using high-precision automate stations. Our equipment uses automatic station TEXA 760R and fully guarantees the excellent quality of filling and dosing accuracy of freon, reliable vehicle maintenance. All the service stages, in particular the filling of air-conditioners, are performed in automatic mode, using the built-in database of a large number of vehicles. A new system of HIGH PRECISION is used then. It allows you to collect and recover about 95% of the refrigerant coolant.

Modern reliable equipment and our skilled professionals allow filling and repairing vehicle air-conditioners at a high level. We appreciate every customer, so the operation of the company is focused on respect, understanding and trust. We do not make promises that are not kept in the future, but everything we can - we execute efficiently, reliably and in the shortest possible time. Remember, it's cheaper to monitor the air-conditioning system and maintain it in a working condition carefully, than to repair the damage. But if it has happened so, or you just need to install a new high-quality air-conditioner - contact us.


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Re-equipment of vehicles is quite a popular service now. And many sites of the companies, which provide re-equipment services, have appeared recently. You need to be careful, because half of these sites are just intermediaries. They have no real opportunity for full re-equipment of your vehicle.