Re-equipment services for vehicles

Full interior trimming

Our interior trimming will give your vehicle a new life. Full interior trimming is rather slow and complex procedure. It consists of a seat, ceiling and floor trimming, as well as a steering wheel, gearbox and instrument panel decorating.

Interior lighting

In addition to the vehicle interior trimming, interior lighting plays an important role. Our company provides this service with the required quality and professionalism for you.

Toning, inset, glass replacement

Toning is not a usual darkening of glass for us. It is an art and we toning the glass with a personal approach to the vehicle. Inset of glass is done on almost all the vehicles.

Full, partial noise isolation

Noise isolation is one of the services to get rid of the outside noise. In order to achieve comfort, we offer you a partial or full soundproofing.

Installation, repair and seat trimming

We offer you the services of installation, repair and trimming. It is not always possible to preserve the tissue or leather in a perfect condition. That is why seat trimming performed by our specialists will help to restore the initial appearance of your interior.

Installation of sofas, various seats

Comfortable high-quality sofas and seats occupy one of the top positions in the interior of the vehicle. Accordingly, to ensure the best quality of service to our customers, we do it very carefully and reliably. And if you order the trimming of the interior for a vehicle along with the installation of sofas, the result will surprise you.

Setting the signaling

Signal system is a very popular kind of vehicle protection. Nowadays except the security properties it has convenient visual and functional ones, so this service is extremely important.

Installation of audio and video devices

The interior of the vehicle cannot be called complete if you haven't installed a high-quality recorder, or in some special cases, a video player. We can help you with it and you will not have the feeling that something is missed in your vehicle.

Installation of air conditioners

Air conditioners are indispensable in the vehicle especially in hot seasons. Installation of air conditioners is a priority task for us, because the temperature of the air in the interior is an essential requirement for a comfortable drive.

3D decoration of auto parts

3D decoration is an innovative technology that allows you to decorate the surface of the parts. Thanks to this technology it became possible to put any images on the parts made of such materials as wood, plastic and others.

Customers are often interested in the fact why we do not specify the price of our services. We understand it this way: every order is unique, so to give any predictions or set the prices without knowing all the wishes of the customer, in our opinion, is just reckless. Therefore, if you are interested in the cost of services or you just want to ask us about re-equipment, do not hesitate – CALL!


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Re-equipment of vehicles is quite a popular service now. And many sites of the companies, which provide re-equipment services, have appeared recently. You need to be careful, because half of these sites are just intermediaries. They have no real opportunity for full re-equipment of your vehicle.