Re-equipment references of the company GOLD-BUS

Re-equipment references of the company GOLD-BUS We are engaged in the vehicle re-equipment in Berdichev, like many other companies. For us it is important what opinion our customers have - it creates the company's reputation. Here you can see only a few good reviews of the vehicle re-equipment, because not everyone has the opportunity to share this information.

You can write your own reference, if you choose "Contacts" and ask us a question. At the beginning of the message, type "Re-equipment reference" and select your rating from 1 to 5.



Volkswagen T5

Thank you for the quality and speed of work!

I was very pleased with the attitude and the work of the company's employees. I was pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the interior - exactly as I had imagined and even more! Also everything was done efficiently and for a relatively short period of time. Thank you!

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Citroen Berlingo

I trimmed my Berlingo

All my interior ideas were implemented. Some remarks were paid attention to in the process. In general, the experts did a great job, though it took longer than I had expected, but it was justified by the quality!

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Volkswagen Caddy

I liked the correlation of price and quality.

I decided to re-equip my Caddy. Friends advised me the company GOLD-BUS. I phoned the manager and told him about my ideas and desires. I was served at once and the price pleased me too. When the work was completed, I inspected and checked it. I liked everything. I recommend you.

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Opel Vivaro

Trim your vehicle here!

When I came to re-equip my vehicle, I did not know exactly what I wanted. But the guys appreciated my position, explained everything, suggested and helped to choose the best option. I was very pleased with the result. I recommend it everyone.

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Volkswagen T4

Thank you for a good re-equipment

After many doubts I had finally decided to make a good interior. I chose the time, prepared the money and came to Berdichev. Also I pre-arranged with the manager of the company. Everything was done quickly and well, I did not even have anything to complain about. Also I received a guarantee for a whole year. Good guys - think about their customers.

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Mercedes Vito

I know whom to apply!

I was driven the vehicle from Germany. It had to be re-equipped. I quickly found the right people and the interior was easily trimmed according to my taste. But only when I got home, I saw that the two bolts holding the seat were not fully pressed. I called the company, the guys apologized and promised to eliminate the problem. When I was in passing in Berdichev, I drove to the company and everything was quickly done.

Quality rating:



Reno Trafic

No defects were found.

Recently I have bought the truck Reno Traffic. It needed to be re-equipped into a passenger one. In the Internet I found the site and called. Everything was easily and clearly explained and recorded. When entering the city I was met and accompanied to the place of re-equipment. I watched the process, as the machine was of my own. Everything was done efficiently and with full response. Masters Thank you so much, craftsmen!

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Address: Zhytomyr region, Berdichev, Military town №1
Skype: gold-bus


Re-equipment of vehicles is quite a popular service now. And many sites of the companies, which provide re-equipment services, have appeared recently. You need to be careful, because half of these sites are just intermediaries. They have no real opportunity for full re-equipment of your vehicle.