The order of documents registration

1. Write a request in your local State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate for the vehicle re-equipment from a cargo into a passenger or

cargo-passenger one, indicating the number of seats, for example: 8 + 1.

2. Get the inspection certificate (license for re-equipment).

3. Make copies of these documents, bring them to us or send by e-mail

4. After the vehicle re-equipment, get the documents of the institution from us.

5. Get in your local State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate registration certificate for a passenger (cargo-passenger) vehicle.

We solely offer a complete package of documents only for UAH 500


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Re-equipment of vehicles is quite a popular service now. And many sites of the companies, which provide re-equipment services, have appeared recently. You need to be careful, because half of these sites are just intermediaries. They have no real opportunity for full re-equipment of your vehicle.